Surprise, surprise . . . I love aquariums . . . and fish. At my grandparents' retirement home there is a giant aquarium complete with an aspen tree backdrop, (of course, because we live in Colorado). I "met" this one fish that was absolutely gorgeous - his color, his sheen, but the thing I loved most about him was his GINORMOUS, (pretty sure that's not a word but it should be), EYEBALLS! They were literally the size of a ping pong ball! So, I affectionately named this big guy Ping. Ping was clearly the most captivating fish in the tank for both his size and his bright coral color. I think some of the mischievous angel fish resented Ping because I saw one take a nip at his tail. Poor Ping, I wish I could take you home with me. Until then, I'll just have to watch you through the retirement home glass. 

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